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Instructions - Return to Download
Use these instructions if you need to try again to download the video.

Note: if possible please use the Internet Explorer browser or else Firefox. This should still work in Netscape, Opera, and others, but to make troubleshooting easier we request you use IE or Firefox for this purpose for now. In any event please do not use the AOL browser! AOL uses proxies which can cause problems with the downloads. And Mac users, please don't use Safari, our system is not compatible with all versions of Safari. Use Firefox instead.

Step 1:

  • Go back to the page for your video.
  • Scroll down to the link that says "Return to Download Page".

Step 2:

  • Right-click on that link
  • Mac Users: CTL-click

Step 3:

  • A little menu pops up

Step 4:

  • Choose "Save Target As" from the popup menu
  • Mac Users: choose "Save Link As"
  • Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla: choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target Link"

Step 5:

  • Log In
  • You were given your username and password at the time of purchase
  • The "Domain" field you can leave blank

Step 6:

  • After logging in, a "Save File" box will now come up
  • Make note of where you are saving the file. You can navigate to a different location if you wish.
  • Click Save

Step 7:

  • The file is now downloading. You should see this box pictured below
  • Mac Users: you should see the file listed in your Download Manager
  • Please remember, downloading a full movie can easily take 30 minutes or more!
    If you see this box (below) that means the file is downloading and all is in order

Step 8:

  • When the download is complete, your computer will notify you with another little box, and a choice to open the file. At this point you can click Open to play the movie, or play it at any later time.

Any Trouble?
If you had difficulty at any of these steps please write and tell us just what happened. Please remember to include this information:

  • your username?    (for example "dl3333")
  • what system you are using?    (for example "Windows XP")
  • what browser you are using?    (for example "IE 6.0")
  • what media player you have?    (for example "Windows Media Player 9.0")
  • what was the problem? did you follow these steps, and if so, on which step did the trouble occur?

The more information you can give us the better we can help. Thank you!

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