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Available Now    11/19/2017  

• Dungeoness
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.16 MB

• Worship Services - vol. 4:
  Romance of Redemption

Stars the lovely PAMELA ANGEL, black muscle goddess DAYANA, LAUREN POWERS posing at Muscle Beach, buff brunette bodybuilder JEANNIE, more.
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 1 min, 3.8 MB

• Hairy Legs Wrestling
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.4 MB

• Worship Services - vol. 2:
  Altar Ego

If you're a fan of female muscle, spanking, foot and leg worship, leg scissors or face sitting, this tape is for you. Stars PAMELA ANGEL and SHEILA BURGESS, by themselves and together.
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 3.8 MB

• Worship Services - vol. 1:
  Temptation Ministries

In this great muscle worship tape, big, blonde, bountiful bodybuilder LAUREN POWERS gets the girl, twice! Also stars PAM ANGEL and GAYLE MOHER.
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4 MB

• ECS Series - vol 2:
  Laura vs Aziza

Two dominatrixes compete against each other; armwrestling, Indian leg wrestling and flat out erotic women's wrestling with potent dose of wrestling trash talk (verbal abuse).
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4 MB

• ECS Series - vol 3
Girl on Girl Wrestling
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.2 MB

• ECS Series - vol 1:

Girl on Girl Wrestling
Buy Now - $20     View Trailer - 4.5 MB

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