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What is it? - Builtmore Productions - is in the process of converting the Video Section into a compressed format so that they can be viewed on your computer. Order online, download the video file and watch it right away.

What format are they? What do I need to view them?

They are Windows Media .wmv files. To play them you'll need media player software that plays the windows format installed on your computer. Windows Media Player is offered for free from Microsoft and is available for Windows and for Mac. It comes installed with Windows; therefore you may have it already but we recommend keeping up with the latest upgrades. Here are links to download free software:

Windows Media Player 9 Series
WinAmp - another good player, also optimal for listening to music files

How long are the videos? What is the file size?

Our full-length videos are 60 minutes and the file sizes are approximately 200 MB each. Longer movies may use up to 300 MB hard drive space.

Why is this better than the streaming video?

You are saving the video on your own computer, so you can watch it whenever you like, and unlike streaming the viewing is unaffected by Internet connection speeds and irregularities.

What does it cost?

Downloads are $20 unless otherwise indicated.

Any caveats?

We recommended buying the movie download only if you have a high-speed connection. Otherwise the download process could take a very long time.

Please be sure you have the most current version of Windows Media Player or another player that can play the wmv format. View our free sample for an example of this video format. If you cannot view the sample please contact us before purchasing the video so we can help you enable your computer.

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If you need assistance or if you have questions that are not answered here, please write to our Tech Support email address:

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