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Video Downloads: Worship Services - vol. 2
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Worship Services - vol. 2

If you're a fan of female muscle, spanking, foot and leg worship, leg scissors or face sitting, this tape is for you. Stars PAMELA ANGEL and SHEILA BURGESS, by themselves and together.

Title: Worship Services - vol. 2
Running time: 60 minutes
Price: $ 20.00
Category: Worship Services

File size: 225 MB

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Worship Services - vol. 2:
Altar Ego

If you're a fan of female muscle, spanking, foot and leg worship, leg scissors or face sitting, this tape is for you.

Poor Pamela can't help herself. She loves muscular women so much she can't stop looking at them in the gym. When she spots SHEILA BURGESS working out with heavy weights her eyes nearly pop out of her head.

Too bad for Pam, she's caught looking. Sheila knows what Pam's thinking and decides she needs to be punished for it. She picks Pam up and carries her to her apartment. Once in the bedroom, the domination begins.

Sheila has Pam dress up in a school-girl outfit, then makes her feel her muscles, but when Pam touches things she's not supposed to touch, Sheila traps Pam between her legs and gives her a spanking she won't soon forget.

To make up for her transgression, Sheila makes Pam oil her legs and biceps, then kiss and massage her feet. Pam takes her time and does it right, and we get to see plenty of Sheila's powerful muscles flexing and stretching. But horny little Pam just can't keep her hands where they're supposed to be.

Sheila traps Pam's hand between her legs and laughs at her. "You think you're strong enough to defy me?" She forces Pam to participate in a humiliating muscle comparison. Pam's scrawny arms and legs look like wet spaghetti next to Sheila's massive musculature.

After that Sheila takes pity on Pam once more and offers her a snack. She lets Pam eat cherries off her powerful body. But once again Pam tries for a taste of forbidden fruit. This time Sheila's lost all patience. She sits on Pam's face until she nearly suffocates, then knocks her out completely with her skull crushing head scissors.

Poor Pamela, what's a little muscle-loving lovely to do?



Pam works out in tight leopardskin shorts, and flirts for the camera in a bikini, skirt and work-out wear, showing off tight abs. And of course Pam can't get through a photo shoot without flashing her panties. What a naughty girl she is!

- Elle Elle

Original Soundtrack by Minutes Of The Plenum

Running Time: One Hour

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