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Hair Apparent

A collection of hirsute heroines, unshaven and uninhibited.

Running time: 60 minutes
Video format: VHS.
Price: $ 20.00

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Hair Apparent

A collection of hirsute heroines, unshaven and uninhibited.

DANITA is a raven-haired woman of muscle, showing off her biceps and underarm hair as dark as her tresses. Incredible arms.

PAULA is a 5' 10" Brazilian beauty with warm golden blonde fur all the way up her legs and on her firm, tanned tummy. She strokes her legs in the studio and on the beach, then walks around, parading her perfect legs and glutes.

VEE is a hard-as-nails black woman with brawny biceps, braids, and thick underarm hair. She gives us attitude and arm shots in a tight gray tank top.

ELIZABETH is an elfin black girl with a sweet face and luxurious underarm hair. She smiles and shows off for us in her back yard.

SHELLY is a woman of mystery. The sunglasses never come off, but her legs are bare, and sport a lush growth of hair. She tells us how much men like her hairy legs, as she strokes and caresses her calves and thighs.

ANDRA is a blonde fitness woman with a strong, ripped body and a light dusting of hair on her lean, alabaster legs and up her abs. She poses and flexes in high heels and a blue bikini.

K8LYNN is a pale, sultry brunette with a great figure, and thick black hair on her lower legs and underarms. Wearing a short black mini-skirt, she poses on the street and in a garden, caressing herself and giving the camera a knowing smile.

DONNA is a tomboy hippy girl, with muscles from hiking and martial arts and hair on her legs and under her arms just the way nature intended it. She flexes and pumps her arms and shows off her legs in cut offs and sneakers. Her smile is irresistible.

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