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Starring MONICA - posing and working out in a skimpy dress and also topless, more

Running time: 60 minutes
Video format: VHS.
Price: $ 20.00

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Next of sKin

Where do they come from? How does he find them? I keep wondering if this is real or a just a fantasy? This girl is amazing. As I watched this video I found myself repeating the same thing again and again. “Wow!”, “Wow!” ,“Wow!”. This film starts off with Monica in a gym wearing a very sexy, skimpy, very short gray dress. She starts by doing some double biceps and deltoid lifts from various angles. You can tell from the rear angle this girl has some incredible glutes. After a short period of doing some lifts with the weights, she puts them down and does some posing. She knows exactly what she is doing. Some great biceps, triceps, deltoid, glutes, hamstring and calf shots. Especially the calves with great close-up camera work. She eventually drops the dress after a period of posing to expose more skin only covered by a little white g-string and little bikini top. This girl has it all. Amazing body, great looks, and mesmerizing smile.

Once the dress is on the floor, she gets into showing off her to-die-for quads and glutes. Again, lots of close-ups on her perfect biceps, hamstrings, calves, and lats. She then puts on a sexy overalls type of outfit for some more great posing that makes you say that magic word, “Wow!”

Next is some posing on a bench. She loses the overalls and again we find the goddess in a bikini top and g-sting. Here she really gets into showing off her best ass-sets with some hamstring curls and great glutes close-ups.

After wiping my chin from the salivating, it only gets better. We now see her topless doing some lat pull downs and triceps pull downs. There are no front shots but you really wish there were. Your imagination will be running wild. She does some double biceps rear view poses and some amazing lat spreads. She puts her top back on (unfortunately) and we watch as she does some chest work with a double pulley. The close shots are again, mesmerizing. I’m thinking at this point, “How can this get any better?” Well after the chest work and breast flexing, we find her on the bench doing some full nude posing, done very tastefully of course. Only back and side shots, but it doesn’t matter. With a body of this caliber, you know what the rest looks like.

Next is a change of scenery. Monica is on a couch reading a book. Her boyfriend comes over and does what every female muscle-worshiping male would do. He proceeds to touch, feel, caress, kiss, group, squeeze, lick and grab every inch of this amazing creatures body. Starting with the calves and legs. Moving up from there to the quads and hamstrings and of course her incredible, unforgettable, amazing glutes. Continuing up, removing the clothing as he proceeds, to her perfect biceps and triceps. Then on to her neck and breasts. At one point she straddles him wearing only her g-string and little top and bounces up and down for a short time. If this doesn’t drive you crazy, nothing will. After some more groping, touching, kissing and feeling he walks away to let her finish her page. The tape ends with her blowing a kiss and you definitely wanting to catch it.

Another review:

Docteur Dré MONICA, the star of "Monica's Leg-a-See" is back in an even more tantalizing 60 minute video.

This time Monica's at a private gym, posing and pumping, first in a little, green, spaghetti-strap mini-dress and platform fetish heels. Next, she's a little bit city, a little bit country, dressed in denim overalls over a sequined bikini top and gold platform heels! Hey, it looks good on her.

Neither outfit lasts long, however. She quickly shucks down to a bikini to show off her broad shoulders, thick arms, even thicker quads, and of course the huge, diamond hard calves that we loved so well in her earlier tape.

She poses and caresses herself, does form-perfect curls to pump up her massive, round biceps, and then she gives us a real show! First she loses the top, and struts around, giving us a glimpse here, a glimpse there. Then the thong goes. All that's left are the heels! She's certainly got tattoos in some interesting places.

As if this wasn't enough, the tape ends with Monica enjoying the attentions of a lucky muscle worshiper, who massages, kisses and caresses every inch of her powerful, willing body. Whew!

We don't see everything, but then, what would we dream about?

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