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Worship Services - vol. 5:
Spellbinding the Storm

Church of the Transgendered Lamb Presents:

Worship Services - vol. 5
PAMELA ANGEL faints dead away when she finds towering muscle goddess EMMA STORM standing at the door dressed all in black leather...
Plus: School Boy Smack Down

Running time: 60 minutes
Video format: VHS.
Price: $ 20.00

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Worship Services - vol. 5:
Spellbinding the Storm

Pamela Angel has really gotten herself into trouble this time. She goes to a psychic to find an answer to her obsession with muscular women. The psychic gives her a spell that will cause the woman Pam desires to appear.

Pam takes the spell home and follows the instructions, taking off all her clothes and washing herself in the magic soap, then lighting a candle and saying out loud the kind of woman she wants. No sooner does she complete the spell than thereís a knock on the door. Poor Pam faints dead away when she finds towering muscle goddess EMMA STORM standing in the door dressed all in black leather.

When she wakes, Pam finds herself in Emmaís arms, but things donít stay cozy for long. Emma says sheís heard Pamís been a naughty girl and needs to be punished. What follows makes Pamís other tapes look like playground stuff.

Storm whips Pam with a leather cat-o-nine-tails, then, when that isnít up close and personal enough, spanks her raw with her heavy left hand. She orders Pam around and finally ties her up and gives her a powerful, sexy muscle show, flexing her enormous biceps, thick legs and broad back until Pam is torn between terror and desire.

But what happens when Storm wants to stay? Could Pam live with this kind of excitement every day? Is there any way to break the spell? Will she get out alive?

Wait and see.

Also on the tape is ...

School Girl Smack Down

Pam just canít keep her hands to herself. While helping her friend, TREASURE, a buff, beautiful fitness model, try on her new school uniform, Pam keeps touching things sheís not supposed to. Treasure finally has enough, and opens up a can of whup-ass on poor Pam, wrestling her and spanking her and throwing her around, then tying her up and teasing her with a sexy muscle dance, just to show her what she canít have.

But is Treasure mad or isnít she? If she is, she certainly takes the concept of kiss-and-make-up to a new level when the fightingís all over.

Whew! Hot stuff!

- Elle Elle

Original soundtrack by False Profet featuring DGHOYS (Don't Get High On Your Own Supply)

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