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Neckthigh Fashions

Three exercises in wrestling domination; a contribution to the critique of human scissorology.

Running time: 60 minutes
Video format: VHS.
Price: $ 20.00

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Neckthigh Fashions

Part 1: Scissoring Schoolgirl

Starring Kyla: 54" 133 lbs.
With Kandor and Al

Part 2: Breaking, Entering, and Scissoring

Starring Gina: 56" 140 lbs.
With Al

Part 3: Scissoring Slacker

Starring Gia: 54" 125 lbs.
With Kandor

Gia is an athletically built punk-rock cutie, with a dark bob haircut and a naughty face. Kandor plays her Moms boyfriend, who tries to get her to get a job and start dressing like a grown-up. Gia will have none of it, and Kandor decides he needs to give her a spanking.

Gia turns the tables on him and, while dressed in a blue bikini and combat boots, gives him ten times the punishment he gave her; scissoring him until hes red in the face, smothering him with her feet, putting a triangle choke on him, and sitting on his face.

In the end she leaves him lying there and takes a picture of him to remember her victory.

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