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Worship Services - vol. 4:
Romance of Redemption

Stars the lovely PAMELA ANGEL, black muscle goddess DAYANA, LAUREN POWERS posing at Muscle Beach, buff brunette bodybuilder JEANNIE, more.

Running time: 60 minutes
Video format: VHS.
Price: $ 20.00

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Worship Services - vol. 4:
Romance of Redemption

Poor PAMELA ANGEL just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. In the first section of this tape, the pretty blonde muscle admirer runs up against massive black muscle goddess DAYANA and almost gets loved to death.

Dayana’s no meanie. She only wants to play, but with fifteen inch biceps and 26 inch thighs sometimes she doesn’t know her own strength. Her hugs and kisses and caresses leave poor Pamela staggering. They compare muscle size, use each other as weights for donkey calf raises, and get to know one another... intimately.

Next we travel to Muscle Beach for the Annual Invitational where L AUREN POWERS is guest posing. Pamela is there as Lauren’s assistant, helping her with her costume, oiling her up, spraying her with glitter, and when she’s not serving Lauren she’s sneaking off to fondle pro bodybuilder GAYLE’S calves and biceps.

Then it’s back into trouble when Pamela follows buff brunette bodybuilder JEANNIE home and gets caught. Jeannie plays rough and knocks poor Pamela all over the apartment before she lets her measure and worship her calves, thighs and arms. Appeased, Jeannie has Pamela dance for her, and gives her a muscle dance in return. They kiss and caress and leave little to the imagination.

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